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Energy Transition & Decarbonization Challenges in the United States & Globally, a report from 2023 Aspen Energy Week Forum, explores the complexities of the U.S. journey towards a sustainable future.

Climate change risks are escalating, demanding an unprecedented scale of action. While the level of federal incentives and investment is substantial and unparalleled, the current legislative bundle only gets the U.S. 40% of the way to net-zero. And even so, challenges persist – from regulatory uncertainties to navigating the cultural battleground of climate action.

This report highlights the critical role of infrastructure, emphasizing the need for streamlined planning and community engagement. As we accelerate towards a net-zero future, our focus is on electricity markets, nuclear energy, and the intricate dance of molecules. The U.S.-China relationship adds another layer of geopolitical complexity, creating headwinds for the clean energy transition. Amidst global tensions, there is an opportunity to remake the global trading system. As the report articulates, striking a balance between economic benefits, geopolitics, and emission reductions is the key for a resilient and sustainable clean energy future in the United States.

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