2023 Winter Energy Forum: Accelerating Decarbonization & A Clean Energy Transition

The Aspen Winter Energy Forum is a dialogue on innovation in clean energy policy, technology, finance, and markets, with a special focus on diving deeply into newly emerging and just over horizon technologies and policies of high consequence. This annual, invitation-only forum brings together top experts from corporations, government, academia, and non-profits for frank conversations about key issues in clean energy and deep decarbonization. The forum seeks to build relationships and broaden possibilities for a cleaner and more equitable energy future. For the last few years, the forum has been co-chaired by Roger Ballentine, President, Green Strategies, and Jim Connaughton, President & CEO, Nautilus Data Technologies.

In March, the forum was held in Miami Beach in the days leading up to Aspen Ideas: Climate. Stand-out elements of the conversations, summarized in the forum report, included a deep dive into decarbonizing cement, an exploration of carbon capture and other removal technologies, and a fresh look at the oil and gas sector in light of recent events.

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