How do we transform our institutional ecosystem to tackle climate change? Find out more at Aspen Ideas Climate!

The challenges posed by the climate crisis are complex as they intersect between natural and human systems and affect all spheres of life, often in unpredictable ways. The complexity of climate change is one of the prime reasons why governments and other institutions have failed to deal adequately with the crisis.

Indeed, the urgency to respond continues to increase – 2023 was the hottest year in recorded history. However, the institutions responsible for facilitating and implementing agreements on climate finance, emission goals, and climate cooperation have not been able to move at the pace required to address this challenge.

Also, as more stakeholders- from the private sector, civil society, academia, and philanthropy- express their commitment to facing this common existential challenge- creating collaboration mechanisms and integrating solutions across sectors has proven difficult. Indeed, too many institutions are siloed when a multi-issue/multi-industry/multi-stakeholder approach is needed. And far too often, leadership in multiple sectors is focused on the short term, which clashes with the need to think about long-term, sustained solutions.

At Aspen Ideas: Climate – the Aspen Institute’s annual climate event which will take place on March 11-13, 2024 in Miami Beach- we will think about the solutions that power our institutional ecosystem adaptability and change to face the climate crisis and that could be replicated or shared across sectors and industries. 

Participants will engage in sessions about Intergenerational Justice and Sharing the Wealth of the Energy Transition, a roundtable to Rethink Institutions to tackle Climate Change, and a workshop about Civic Engagement for Climate, among many other topics. We certainly encourage you to be a part of this convening. Register here.

Ultimately, climate change poses both a threat and an opportunity. As we face it together, we are invited to imagine new ways to organize, plan, finance, and assign mandates in our governments and entities. We can remain in “business as usual” or we can encourage the public and private sector alike to reevaluate what we consider to be valuable in economic terms and reframe it towards more societal and environmental gains. And we can build bridges among all sectors of society to hold each other accountable to ensure a sustainable, healthy, safe and equitable future for all.

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