2024 Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum

The 2024 Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum will focus on identifying and enabling necessary technological innovations in the U.S. water sector. This forum will draw in innovators across the water sector, with particular attention to “classes” of innovation in need of greater attention, such as harnessing energy from wastewater, treatment for emerging contaminants, embracing circular water economy at every scale, transition to smart water grids and microgrids, next generation of AI powered decision support tools, or how innovations in the water sector are necessary for adjacent sectors, such as decarbonizing the economy or “water for data”. In addition, the forum will build off of insights from investors in early-stage technology to identify areas they see as transformational to the sector and learn about barriers to capital in the water sector. The forum will also focus on understanding federal investments in water technology, from ongoing research programs to potential changes in how the government invests in water technology.

The 2024 Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum will bring together experts and thought-leaders from across the water sector, including private companies, researchers, investors, NGOs, and government. The forum will follow its hallmark approach of closed-door, off-the-record discussion by a small group (< 60) of sector leaders that are thoughtfully selected to participate in a multi-day dialogue at the Aspen Meadows in Aspen, CO.

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